DSWA UK Craftsman Certification Scheme – Level 3: Advanced

18 March 2023

19 March 2023

22 March 2023


In 2024, for the first time in Australian history, dry stone wallers from around Australia and the surrounding region will have the chance to undertake the DSWA UK Advanced and Master level Craftsman Certification examinations, on shore, at the Stone of Arc training centre.


Due to the time constraints of the UK Master Examiners, all features will have to be constructed at the training centre to be presented for Part A Examinations. Those successful at Part A could then attempt Part B (4.5m retaining wall timed test) the following day.


Once we have confirmed dates and fees more details will be provided and you’ll be able to book on to the Advanced Exam Package here.


Places will be limited, so if you’re inspired, please register your interest now.


Our Advanced Exam Package will include:

  • Use of existing Advanced features for Part A reconstruction, with optional Accommodation Package
  • Completion of all required administration
  • DSWA UK - Registration fee
  • DSWA UK - Approved Examination facility
  • Optional Exam Preparation Package
  • Examiner’s fee
  • Exam with lunch and light refreshments
  • All required tools


Advanced – Level 3 Certificate

Candidates must hold the Intermediate Level 2 certificate before applying for this certificate. Candidates must obtain the minimum mark in each section and an overall pass mark of at least 87 in order to gain the full certificate. As there are no time constraints for Part A of the test, examiners expect the work to be of high quality.


Part A: Candidates must build 5 square metres of curved wall plus an additional 5 square metres of a wall incorporating one of the following features: a lunky, a wall built on ground with a slope of at least 20 degrees or a wall built to a height of 1.8 metres.


Process Maximum mark Minimum mark
Construction of curved wall 20 13.5
Construction of special feature: Lunkey, high wall or wall on sloping ground 20 13.5
Minimum total marks required to pass 27


Once Part A has been completed successfully, candidates have 12 in which months to pass Part B. There is no limit on how many attempts can be made within the 12 month period. If a candidate fails to pass Part B within the required time frame, they must re-sit Part A, submitting new features.


Part B: In the presence of Examiners candidates are required to strip down and rebuild a 4.5 square metre section of wall, retaining to the base of the copestones and not less than 1.2 metres in height, within a single 7 hour period.


In addition to the standards required for Levels 1 and 2 certifications, emphasis is placed on solid, secure foundations and preparation of earth bank, adequacy of packing, selection and placement of building stones, sufficient through-stones relative to the height of the wall, batter, line, and straightness, and retaining to the base of copestones.


Process Maximum mark Minimum mark
Stripping out 5 2.5
Earthbank and foundations 15 7.5
Building/Packing 1st lift 10 5
Placing through-stones 10 5
Building/Packing 2nd lift 10 5
Line and straightness 10 5
Batter 15 7.5
Copestones and finish 10 5
Approach to safety 5 2.5
Minimum total marks required to pass 60


Register your interest here today

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Accommodation Details

Rustic Onsite Accommodation

A range of rustic onsite accommodation is available from double/triple rooms to camping (all with shared bathroom).

Four rooms are available, 2 double and 2 twin/triple

All rooms come with aircon, heating, linen and amenities.

A basic continental breakfast is included for all overnight guests.

Extended visits welcome

There is much to enjoy in the surrounding area including bush walks, cycle trails, kayak trails, fishing, and cave exploration to name a few.

External Workshops

We can deliver custom training at your venue, contact us to discuss your training needs.



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