Dry stone structures are living reminders of our past, each one telling a story about the person who constructed it when it was constructed, and the landscape, stone, and tools available at the time. Constructed well, dry stone structures will last for hundreds of years. However, they can be susceptible to subsidence, plant invasion, and human interference and require restoration.

Our restoration projects are guided by the principles of the Burra Charter which provides a framework for the conservation and management of places of cultural significance. Generally, we advocate for a cautious approach to change: to do as much as is necessary to care for the place and to make it useable, but otherwise change it as little as possible so that its cultural significance is retained.

Ensuring restorations accurately reflect the original work is often like completing an oversized jigsaw puzzle. Through information from the site itself, historical research, and interviews with locals we are usually able to create a clear picture of the original purpose, design, and materials used, which allows for a much more accurate restoration.

There are also times when clients seek new work to be undertaken in conjunction with restoration. This journey is done hand in hand with the client, ensuring that any new work is sympathetic to the original structure and the surroundings.


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