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The Great Australian Stone Festival – MARCH 2024

Stone of Arc is facilitating Australia's first ever traditional stone festival in Wellington, NSW. World class dry stone wallers, carvers and masons will be building exhibits and running workshops. There'll also be skill development opportunities, accreditation events, entertainment, excursions and competitions.


Stone of Arc facilitates walling and carving competitions for wallers, carvers and spectators to enjoy.


Stone of Arc delivers demonstrations at several trade exhibitions throughout the year and actively encourages previous course attendees to join in and extend their skills.

Women’s International Stone Alliance – WISA

WISA is an international network of women keen to work with and support other women involved or interested in traditional stone trades.

External Workshops

We can deliver custom training at your venue, contact us to discuss your training needs.



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"Walling to me is wholly engaging. It’s my gym, my art class, my mindfulness session and my trip to the country all rolled into one. It requires time, precision and order, patience, resilience, and attention to detail. It connects the past with the future and delivers a beautiful, sustainable structure and unrivalled sense of pride and satisfaction".
Emma Knowles  - Founder, Stone of Arc

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