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Strength, Beauty, and Sustainability

No other structure connects with its environment as harmoniously as a dry stone feature. Every construction is a slow and unique process of blending and interlocking stones together using friction, gravitational forces, and principles developed over hundreds of centuries across the world.

The strength and the beauty of every dry stone structure are testaments to the thoughtful selection, shaping, and placement of each stone. These ancient techniques can be applied to both traditional and contemporary designs and to most types of stone, creating almost limitless possibilities for both practical and innovative structures.




Each design is unique. Decisions are made collaboratively during an initial site visit where limitations and unexplored opportunities are discussed. These discussions are then followed up with images, things to consider, drawings, and estimated costs.

Some clients have a clear vision of what they want; others are keen to explore a range of options. Whichever the case, we have the breadth of knowledge to ensure all elements are considered in the design process including site layout and gradient, stone selection, functional requirements, innovative elements, and interplay with existing features or personal character.

At every step, we walk hand in hand with clients to create an organic, self-sufficient legacy to be enjoyed for many years to come.



Construction takes time. Clients become part of the journey, watching their features grow slowly day by day. Whether it’s a wall, seat, archway, steps, or bee bole, at Stone of Arc we take a very personal and bespoke approach to our work.

We bring your ideas to life and our past to your future, delivering excellence and innovation at every turn.

As an active member of the dry stone community both nationally and internationally, Stone of Arc has a strong network of professional dry stone contractors we can draw upon when additional resources or specialised skills are required.

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