Building a Stile

This course allows participants to learn and practise the construction techniques of both a step-stile and a squeeze-stile.

$ 620

Developed to allow human traffic across a walled area, both stiles require advanced skills in terms of incorporating through-stones and lintels, achieving tight joints and strong ties, maintaining an accurate batter, and good use of copes.


Stone of Arc provides the following for all course types:

  • An appropriately qualified instructor
  • Tools, safety glasses, and sun protection
  • Lunch, refreshments, and reusable water bottle
  • A certificate of completion
  • Course information booklet
  • Access to ongoing project support

Useful information:

  • All courses run from 9:30AM-4:30PM for 2 days unless otherwise stated
  • Please bring a hat, gloves and strong footwear (preferably steel-toed)

Course includes:

  • The fundamental principles and applied construction techniques
  • Safety, set up, and tool use
  • Incorporating steps and anchor stones
  • Stone selection and alternative batters
  • Practical completion of structurally sound step and squeeze stiles

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Accommodation Details

Rustic Onsite Accommodation

A range of rustic onsite accommodation is available from double/triple rooms to camping (all with shared bathroom).

Four rooms are available, 2 double and 2 twin/triple

All rooms come with aircon, heating, linen and amenities.

A basic continental breakfast is included for all overnight guests.

Extended visits welcome

There is much to enjoy in the surrounding area including bush walks, cycle trails, kayak trails, fishing, and cave exploration to name a few.

External Workshops

We can deliver custom training at your venue, contact us to discuss your training needs.



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"Walling to me is wholly engaging. It’s my gym, my art class, my mindfulness session and my trip to the country all rolled into one. It requires time, precision and order, patience, resilience, and attention to detail. It connects the past with the future and delivers a beautiful, sustainable structure and unrivalled sense of pride and satisfaction".
Emma Knowles  - Founder, Stone of Arc

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