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During the last three years WISA has been working with Master Craftsman and accomplished designer, David Griffiths to create a portfolio of edifice designs incorporating intimate spaces, that challenge perspectives and celebrate the strengths and capabilities of women in a culturally specific way. These edifice are to be built by appropriately skilled WISA teams in various locations worldwide, initially in England, Australia, Ireland, USA and Italy. This will provide women with the rare opportunity to travel and work with other women within the traditional stone trades.


WISA is very proud to announce that they have recently been awarded the honour of building a monument to Anne Lister (Gentleman Jack) at Shibden Hall in Halifax, UK. Work has commenced on a fitting design for this construction and it is hoped that construction can occur during 2022, Covid permitting.

WISA also hopes to facilitate a design and construction competition for women during 2022, so if this is something that interests you – watch this space!


Are you a woman who works with stone, whether professionally or otherwise?
Would you like your work to be featured on the WISA website and upcoming social media sites?
If so, please send any or all of the following to [email protected] titled 'My work' :

  • 3 photos that represent you and your work
  • A short paragraph (3 – 4 sentences or max 100 words) which best describes the context of what you do (you can add a link to your work here also).
  • A short video about yourself and your work (15 – 60 seconds filmed in portrait view is perfect for social media)
  • Any articles or links you may wish to share reflecting your work



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