The Great Australian Stone Festival – MARCH 2024


World Class Dry Stone Wallers, Carvers & Masons * Spectacular demonstrations * Taster workshops * Tools * Music * Dry Stone Training and Accreditation events * Stone Olympics * Community events * Excursions

In March 2024, Stone of Arc is hosting Australia's first-ever traditional stone festival, in Wellington, New South Wales. Stone specialists from around the world will be gathering over 12 days to work together constructing, instructing, sharing and socialising.

The event will showcase traditional dry stone walling, carving and stone masonry. Professionals and hobbyists alike will get the opportunity to work alongside world-class dry stone wallers, carvers and stonemasons, using ancient skills to construct unique dry stone sculptures that tell ancient stories of the land, all led by the Wiradjuri community.

There'll also be walling and carving competitions, and for the first time in Australia, several opportunities for aspiring and competent wallers to be examined at all four levels of the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) Craftsman Certification Scheme as well as undertake professional training leading to employment.


Festival goers will be able to attend inspiring workshops in all three disciplines, listen to presentations, view exhibits, watch highly skilled professionals creating masterpieces and take part in Stone-Olympic competitions like the Sisyphus sprint, Stone the crows and Stone skimming by the river.

Apres-stone activities will include live music, dance parties, kayaking, caving, walking and a very special excursion to Brewarrina to view the 40,000-year-old, Aboriginal-built, Ngunnhu fish traps - the oldest and amongst the most ingenious dry stone constructions on the planet.

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*Walls by Emma Knowles, carvings and sculpture by Ryan James, fish traps by Ngemba

Appropriate day-pass required to access festival events

Group 35
Women’s International Stone Alliance – WISA

External Workshops

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"Walling to me is wholly engaging. It’s my gym, my art class, my mindfulness session and my trip to the country all rolled into one. It requires time, precision and order, patience, resilience, and attention to detail. It connects the past with the future and delivers a beautiful, sustainable structure and unrivalled sense of pride and satisfaction".
Emma Knowles  - Founder, Stone of Arc

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